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An international partner with a consolidated background in the industry, built upon a foundation of trust and industry experience.

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Tederic Machinery is an intelligent injection molding machine manufacturer with world-leading technology (a world-renowned injection molding solution provider). As a company listed on the main board of Shanghai, China (603289·SH), we have rich industry experience, good performance and professional knowledge. Focusing on creating real value for our customers and pursuing excellence, we uphold flexible methods and continuous innovation to create high-quality, durable, efficient and value-added products for you.
Tederic has 4 overseas subsidiaries in Portugal, South Korea, Brazil and Mexico. More than 1000 employees of Tederic are serving customers from all over the world. So far, Tederic is operating in more than 130 countries and regions, and provide a solution for automotive parts, packaging, medical, electronics, household appliances, construction and other industries.

Tederic is here to provide you with comprehensive and professional injection molding machines solutions



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Hangzhou Tederic Machinery Ltd. was established and started to produce injection molding machines in Zhuantang Town, Hangzhou. We launched our first machine series "TRX”.​


Zhejiang Tederic Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded. The second machine series "DREAM" was launched.


On October 31, 2017, Tederic Machinery was successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange as the first stock in the main board of injection molding machines enterprise.


We founded three overseas subsidiaries in South Korea, Mexico and Brazil.


After being renamed as Tederic Machinery Manufacture (China) Co., Ltd., Xiasha headquarters was founded.


The company carried out joint-stock system reform, and was renamed as Tederic Machinery Co,. Ltd..


We set up our first overseas subsidiary in Portugal.


We are going through re-branding and innovation. "NEO” series is in process. "4.0 concept smart headquarter” has officially started.

Since 2017, Tederic Machinery Co., Ltd is listed on the main board of the Shanghai stock exchange (603289·SH). It is also the first injection molding machine company listed on the main board of China.

How we started...

Tederic Machinery Co., Ltd., established in 2003, has two main production sites in China: Tederic Headquarters in Xiasha, Hangzhou city and Tederic Heavy Machinery in Deqing, Huzhou city. We are fully committed to excellence, meeting quality standards, and durability.

After 17 years of development and efforts, Tederic has become one of the top three companies in the comprehensive strength of China’s injection molding machine industry. In 2017, Tederic Machinery Co., Ltd. was successfully listed in A shares on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange (603289·SH), becoming the first injection molding machine company listed on the main board in China.
At present, Tederic has 102 technical patents and more than 70 industry experts. In terms of talent development and reserve, Tederic has carried out comprehensive and in-depth industry university-research cooperation with 15 universities, including Zhejiang University, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Zhejiang University of Technology, etc. Moreover, Tederic has donated 10 million RMB to the education foundation of Beijing university of chemical technology for ed​ucation and talent development.

The strong foundry, processing strength and complete industrial chain make Tederic different. We have a wide range of product lines, covering electric, toggle system, two-platen and multi-component injection molding machines with the clamping force from 55 tons to 7,000 tons.

We have flexible and keen response speed, and pay close attention to specific needs of each customer, in order to provide customers with flexible, comprehensive and tailor-made one-stop injection molding solutions.