Tederic Machinery – Improving Every Day

Tederic Machinery – Improving Every Day

Talent is the core competence of an enterprise. Tederic Machinery organized workshop team leaders and intermediate senior management going to VMTA to attend a three-day “Elite Cadre Training”.

The role of talent can run throughout the enterprise. Their continuous enrichment and improvement promotes the development and success of the enterprise. Excellent talent reserve, wise talent management and successful personnel training are all affecting the exterprise’s internal operation and development.

To enhance Tederic employee’s team spirit and managing ability and skills, the company organized the workshop team leaders and office management to attend a three-day “Elite Cadre Training” in VMTA, guiding intermidiate senior management how to be an excellent staff, a good manager, a team leader.

During the training process, the teacher used different interactive modes like Course Explanation, Case Analysis, Group Discussion and Operating Practice to let everyone deeply feel and learn the scientific management philosophy and team leadship methods in order to have a better talent incentives and training in the working. Only three-day training, but greatly benefited. All the team leaders, who attended the training, experienced a baptism for the soul, not only the great changing of working attitude, but also improvement on the understanding of teamwork building. The spirit learned from VMTA has been deeply engraved in all people’s hearts. Through this training the company’s site management can be upgraded to a higher level.

Tederic Machinery takes the philosophy of “improving everyday” and develops continuously.



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