Serve clients with power and passion – Tederic after-sales service!

Serve clients with power and passion – Tederic after-sales service!

Lately, one D1050 injection molding machine was sold to one company in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, which was used to produce teaching equipment. But the customer’s workshop was not finished, and they have plenty of orders to produce, so the injection molding machine should be put into production as early as possible. Then, the outside installation work in this hot day became a big problem!

Fortunately, we not only have a professional after-sales service team, we also have very responsible engineers. As this urgent situation, our company sent 3 experienced engineers – Mr. You, Mr. Chen and Mr. Deng as a temporary team to solve the problem.

The each process is all going through in the hot environment. They just keep working no matter what – When we were talking about the weather is too hot to go out or When we were enjoy the air-condition and using WIFI.


They kept working for the whole night to test and make sure the machine was running well and made the products perfectly. They also solved the emergency situation very fast!

Now the D1050ton machine finally is beginning to produce in the workshop and with the perfect products coming out they finished their work.

When you choose Tederic, not only do you choose the highest quality injection molding machines, you choose the most responsible and professional friends!

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