Tederic machinery full-electric IMM publicly release in India

Recently, our full electric career department general manager Li Yifeng represents the company was invited to India attend the “2016 Indian Plastics Industry Summit Forum”. As one of the speakers, Manager Li makes “new choice from China-Tederic full-electrical IMM” as the theme tell Tederic full electric machine performance characteristics and advantages.

With the improvement of domestic injection molding machine development capacity, the precision degree of automation is increasingly improved. In this regard, each enterprise has their original views. Tederic machinery R & D team developed dream series full electric injection molding machine already into a series among Tederic many large equipments, which can meet the customer’s requirement on injection molding machine of high speed, precision, energy saving, mute.

At the end of 2015, Tederic machinery full electric injection molding machine career department was formally established which has a strong team of independent business unit consist of technical, sales, production, after service, with full effort driving Tederic full electric machine to the market. Earlier “R & D-feedback-improvement” stage has been formally adjusted for batch production stage. Early concept of sophisticated development has become standard specification for a whole full electric injection molding machine production line, from the pre-sale machine selection to technical improvements, from the assembly to after-sales maintenance, we strive to provide users with a set of professional product forming solutions based on full electric injection molding machine.


2016 Indian Plastics Industry Summit Forum” Meeting informal essay

Tederic Machinery: Full Electric Career Department General Manager: Li Yifeng


This time I witnessed the Indian Plastics Industry Summit Forum 2016 and was lucky enough to become the speakers to introduce the development trend of China plastic machine.

Because of the problem of oral and pronunciation, compare with the English educated Indians in fluency and field responses are still have a gap with them.

The Moderator of the current round for speech is my former master- Indian subsidiary company’s former president, the chairman of the India Association of lifelong presses, the Indian plastics Godfather level character, the 80 year old Mr. n. K Balgi.

Now I have become the company’s competitors to enter the Indian market, in most people eyes it seems a little embarrassed. However, under the circumstances that my expression is not perfect, he was still generous to me and helps me out. He evaluates my speech to all audience and guests: “aim at trying meeting the customer needs to design the machine which is the ultimate pursuit of our plastic machinery enterprises. Whether he is from our company or other companies, we are to struggle for the common ideal, we are doing the right thing.” this is what a respected industry Dean said.

The event of evening is award ceremony, presented two lifetime achievement awards. They do not take company scale or profit as judgments, but the individual contribution and paying to India’s plastics industry.

They are the first to introduce the PET production line, the first to introduce and localize IML production line, contribute to the introduction of India plastic product design and develop local solutions.

Two awards guests shared their stories to all people in the acceptance speech, they have similar stories to make more Indians have more security plastic products and get rid of the dependence on imports. Also they are suffered the ridicule, questioning and supercilious, also in the face of all sorts of unexpected problems and difficulties. But they are still insist on down and win the respect.

Among them there is a 72 years old man telling about his story which is beginning from hard product promotion to make market accept, with constantly encounter new problems and constantly improving the product process. In the late 1960s they are against all difficulties, in the exhibition they saw PET production line can change India backward preform industrial and put all money into machine investment, with hard to convince Japanese suppliers to make four different products in a mould. Because they can’t afford 4 different expensive products mould in the market at that time. His story has been broken by heartfelt applause, which is well deserved and worthy of the name.

Trip to India, the harvest thing is not only the market, there is also life.

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