TEDERIC DE series Full-electric IMM has awarded 2017 Ringier Technology Innovation Awards

On March 9th, 2017, Ringier Industry Media hold an award ceremony which called “Plastic Industry–Ringier Technology Innovation Awards” in the Longemont Shanghai. It announced 32 winning enterprises in 9 fields.

As one of the major R&D of the three Dream series, TEDERIC DE series Full-electric IMM awarded this honor by its special creativity and good market adaptability. This election got this result by experts review, Internet voting and WeChat voting. So TEDERIC Full-electric IMM receives great reputation from customers in several channels which proves the recognition among the industry.

Apart from the general Full-electric IMM‘s advantages of energy saving, accuracy and rapidity, etc. TEDERIC DE series— Accuracy and Energy saving Full-electric IMM also has more wider application cases, such as thin-wall lunch boxes, thick-wall optical lamp. The innovation of TEDERIC Full-electric lies in the fact that it can show the advantage of electric motor, improve the weaknesses in the more traditional fields which is not suitable for electric motor.

TEDERIC Full-electric IMM uses the form of combined platen, configures according to the requirements of clients, achieves the technologies of the high speed and precise injection system, self-lock electric clamping system, low loading moving platen structure, high sensitive and low pressure mold protection system as well as auto mold adjust system. Compared with the similar machines, it has larger space between of the tie bars and mold open stroke, controls precisely, repeats the position of each action accurately and reaches the first level of energy saving of high efficiency and energy consumption system.

This machine, which meets the high requirements for precision and cleanliness of medical, electron, optics, auto parts, etc., controls the possibility of all kinds of pollution efficiently. In addition, it not only shows its specialty in each big trade fairs but also receives the sincere praise and favor by peer clients.

DE Full-electric IMM is becoming the most important product gradually in our three products series. Enormous markets and more good mews make us have more confident to become the domestic well-known brand in IMM industry. Our company will keep going with innovative and progressive attitude.

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