Good opportunity lays with TEDERIC productivity.

Following the DH1420 multi-components(dual color) two platen IMM, TEDERIC DH880 multi-components(triple color) two platen IMM is becoming a new hot topic in market again. DH880Dn/M3700M840M370–offering multiple solutions for auto industry.

With the improvement of production technology nowadays, it asks higher requirement on injection molding machines(IMM) since the features of lightweight, artistry, elaboration, durability on auto parts, Customized diversified automatic production is paralleled by modularized integrated IMM equipment which is the actual character of TEDERIC IMM.

TEDERIC DH880 equipped with the rotation platen dia1500mm, KEBA controller, 6 sets of core pullings, 48 sets of sequence valves and 72 points of hot runners besides the traditional energy saving servo system and single cylinder injection units, moreover, remote network control is available by additional OPC connector. All the technology that utilized on DH880 is domestic leading and could perfectly fill the market gap and replace the import machines.


Available multiple functions:

  • triple components(parallel and right-angle)
  • dual components(right-angle)
  • dual components(parallel, with adjustable spacing between injection units 630-710mm)
  • single component
  • etc.


TEDERIC DH880 overview:

adjustable spacing between injection units

Universal applications for multi-color and single color molds via the special design on TEDERC DH880:

  1. adjustable spacing between parallel injection units(from 630mm to 710mm), adapt to multifarious multi-color molds;
  2. Switchable location of main injection unit, suitable to produce single color products without invest more machines.



TD(transverse direction) and MD(machine direction) locomotionable flank injection unit

Excellent adjustablity and applicationality sourcing from the locomotionable flank injection unit which equipped with the special designed linear guiders and nut screw


Optimized design on the axis of rotation platen

Excellent mold loading capability on rotation platen by the support from multiple bearings design and matched with concise lay-out of hydraulic, water, air/gas pipe.


Interior self-lubrication support system

Premium stability and loading capacity during platen rotation and machine running offered by interior self-lubrication support system.


Elaborate servo driven rotation platen

Rotation platen driven by servo motor and combined by special allocation structure, realizing the precise rotation position control and suitable for multi-components products production.


Good opportunity lays with TEDERIC productivity.  This type of IMM from TEDERIC could be wildly utilized in various multi-component auto parts production and win great reputation again for TEDERIC in auto parts industry as always. The innovation and delivery of DH880 is a new example for TEDERIC: create more value for TEDERIC clients.

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